Ditto Collection (Fan-made Division!)

My personal collection of fan-made Ditto cards! I don't often go in for this sort of thing, but sometimes I see something that's just too good to pass up (or in the case of one of them, they were mocked up to look too good to pass up >:( ). They're listed in the order that I bought them, which is probably a roughly chronological order. lol

Ancient Ditto (shitty ):< )
Maker/Seller This person does NOT get to be recognized

I was seduced by this one and was so excited to get it and then it arrived but it was actual garbage. Like look at it. It's muddy and overly dark and the back is just another card back and it's just horrid!!! And then I find out that the person isn't even a legit seller, they stole someone else's art and is making money off it!!!!! I reported it, though it's hard to say if anything got done about it... Still, just absolutely disappointing. Horrid behavior on their part.

So to that end, please check out the MartiinArtz and their Ancient Ditto art, which is incredible!

Ditto Vmax
Maker/Seller LomeSArt

I saw this and I had to get it. Look at them! They're together! And so happy!!!! Plus the holofoil type is just so pretty. :)

Ditto Vmax (Gold Metal)
Maker/Seller Pokemize

Look at this guy! It's 100% metal and looks so good. It's pleasantly thin, which keeps it from being that heavy. It's just plain gorgeous!!

Happy Birthday Ditto
Maker/Seller CaptainCoroCoro

So, ever since I was made aware of its existence as a small child, I have thirsted for the Happy Birthday Pikachu promo card. It was my shining star of all the cards, and I finally made my wish come true when I got my first job lol. So of course, the moment I see a fan-made Ditto version.... I went into a fugue state, only waking up at the "order submitted" page. It's not the best of the lot, but I don't regret it at all. :) Also I really like the dot-holofoil print! It's very birthday-glitter-esque.

Ancient Ditto (beautiful)
Maker/Seller CartanovaCardz

I had to make up for my bad purchasing with a much better Ancient Ditto card, and then I found this! It's really lovely, and it came with an Ancient Snorlax which was a lovely forest green. A beautiful set that was well-worth the cost! :)

I don't know why the scanner turned the highlights teal, but just trust it looks much nicer in person!

Maker/Seller Wrenny Moo

There's apparently a much wider fanbase for this creator, which from this card alone, I think it quite warranted! I love this lil guy's expression! It's just so good!

The front reads:
Height: .3 meters, Weight 14 kg
Transform: Become your opponent.
Not only can it can take on the appearance and skill of any Pokémon, it can also mate and breed with any Pokémon too! For this reason, many trainers use them for breeding.

Maker/Seller Rawdata Cards

I'm so sad that this card's beauty fails to come across through a picture. It's not only a celebration of Ditto but also of the brilliant work of Yuko Morii, possibly my favorite artist of the franchise. She has done so much to further the Ditto Agenda, and for that she has my utmost loyalty!

The front reads:
Height: .3 meters, Weight 14 kg
Energy Ball
By rearranging it's cells on a molecular level, it can become any other life form!

Maker/Seller PokemonCardzArt

What a wonderful variation on the Carddass Parts 3/4 cards; you don't see that often at all! I don't really have many thoughts beyond the creativity of fans is truly wonderful! :)

Magic the Gathering Copy Token
Maker/Seller LapineStudios1

So I know nothing of Magic the Gathering. I tried playing it once with a friend's pre-built deck and it made me want to die and I emotionally gave up after 2 turns. Horrid time. Ugh. But I'm still a sucker for fan-made Ditto content! The art is awfully cute.

Ditto Scream
Maker/Seller Darkeyes13

Obviously this one was inspired by the Van Gogh Pikachu card. It's cute! I like the Gengar sneaking up from behind. It's got a lovely paintbrush smear-esque holographic pattern that just did not pick up at all with the scanner, alas!