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For the bike enthusiasts in the crowd, goes in-depth on Bike DIYs, bike thought pieces, and more thing bike-related (among some non-bike things). It comes very recommended!

Ditto Is Very Cute
I would be remiss to ignore a fellow Ditto fan's website. Small though it might currently be, I can feel the passion in the few words on Ditto Is Very Cute. :]

Pokemon Shogakukan Stamps
Curious about an in-depth compilation of the Shogakukan stamps? Look no further than here! This site is full of stamp sets and was an invaluable resource.

Pokemon Stickerpedia
Speaking of incredible resources, definitely check this in-depth collection of Topsun and Amada sticker sets! Includes dates, images, and helpful guides on starting your own collection.

This site has the fullest collection of Topsun's VS Cards that I've yet found, which are well-worth a look through. They're just so good!

Treasure Hunting Club Manager's Blog
This (Japanese-only) blog, detailing various trinkets, capsule toys, stickers, card sets, and way, way more, is just incredible. With far more than just Pokemon, this is the perfect site to just scroll through. Just wonderful!!

For only Pokemon entries, use this link.

Pokemon Catalog Project
This is a wonderfully expansive catalog of many, many, many Pokemon collections, including Ichiban Kuji lottery prizes. Well worth a browsing, if only to see just how much one-of-a-kind limited merch is regularly released!

If you're looking for Pokemon pins, this is the incredibly up-to-date site for you! It's got a deceptive amount of info, so go on and get lost in the hundreds (thousands, even!) of various pins!

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