DittoDan's Ditto Collection

This is a humble site meant to showcase my personal collection of my favorite Pokémon in the entire world: Ditto!

As I've slowly added onto my collection, I've often run into lots of ambiguity and lack of detail given for individual items! Incorrect dates and ambiguous, unexplained terms are bandied about, and I've had enough. So this website is a triple dive into html/css, Pokémon lore, and merch history research to better show off one of the best lil guys around! And if any of my findings help provide a date for any of your own items (whether they be Ditto-centric or otherwise), then that's all the better!

This site will likely be a continual work-in-progress, so please forgive any growing pains.

All non-official artwork are borne from my own time and effort.


This site is home for a lil kitty named Fluff.
She can be shy, but perhaps you'll see her as you browse!
Please treat her kindly.

Latest Site Updates:

Added a non-holo version of GB Pocket Card: Final Collection (Base Set) (1997). Also added Pokémon Big Pokédex Sticker Set (1998), Lenticular Card (1998), Sticker Tag(?) (1999?), and Daiichi Bread Sticker (2023). Also maybe did something to speed up the loading speed of the collection page :)

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